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  1. Wedding Photography is and always has been my absolute passion probably have as much fun as anyone at the wedding, I also have a really relaxed attitude while photographing weddings. I have come to realize that, “Every wedding has its own rhythm and flow” If I just lie on my back and float downstream with the natural flow of the wedding.
    Then the job is a lot easier, without a lot of unnecessary pressure on me to do the assignment in any order. If something doesn’t get done when scheduled, it is mentally check marked and will get added in and done later on, With well over 800 weddings photographed then just about every way possible and This really makes me flexible in how I do my coverage, always trying to make the Bride and Groom’s day as enjoyable and Uninterrupted as possible.
    I have received formal professional photography training at the best photography schools and personal hands on training with the Best Photographers in the World in the last 30 years. I took a little from each Master Photographer’s style and technique that I liked over the years and gradually combined them into my own unique style.

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